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Non-chlorinated formula that quickly and effectively removes grease, brake dust, brake fluids, oils and other contaminants from brake parts, lining and pads. Do not use on electrical motors or circuits and avoid contact with rubber and plastic.


Industrial Hand Cleaner

A non-solvent industrial hand soap that’s designed for the toughest cleaning without drying out your hands. Multiple emollients and conditioners actually moisturize chapped skin with repeated use.

Protects to 20°F below zero (-20°F). Clears windshields of dirt, bug stains, frost and ice.

Helps clean, condition and protect all air-brake systems. It prevents freeze-upseven in sub-zero weather. Contains no ingredients or residues which can corrode brake line systems. It contains only the purest Anhydrous Grade Methanol.


Penetrating Oil

Fast-acting penetrant that quickly cuts through grease, penetrates corrosion and dissolves rust to free seized parts. Tec-A-Nut™ Penetrating Oil will also get into cracks and crevices to displace water and leave a protective film to protect against rust and corrosion.


Carb/Choke & Throttle Body Cleaner

Quickly dissolves and removes harmful carbon, gum, sludge and varnish deposits from throttle plates, manifold 

heat control valves, PCV valves, automatic chokes, combustion chamber, and carburetors linkage and passages. Tec-A-Carb™ serves as an excellent penetrant to free hard-to-reach passages and sliding surfaces that are clogged or bound by gum, carbon or corrosive deposits. Safe for oxygen sensors and catalytic converters.


Grime Time Heavy Duty

Hand and Surface Wipes

Built for ultimate performance. The abrasive side cuts through the toughest soils, while the smooth side allows for wiping the most delicate surfaces. Fortified with new generation cleaning agents and unmatched skin conditioners. This one wipe does it all!


Glass Cleaner

Quickly cleans glass, mirrors, windshields and windows. Its clinging foam formula quickly removes fingerprints, smudges, lipstick, light 

grease, bugs, dust, dirt, smoke film and other residues from glass surfaces. Tec-A-Glass™ dries quickly, requires no rinsing and leaves a pleasant, fresh aroma.

Provides burst protection in potable water systems down to -50°F. Specially permitted formula of denatured ethyl alcohol and propylene glycol. An economical alternative for the winterization of campers, RVs, boats and summer homes.


White Lithium Grease

An all-weather, multi-purpose, water-resistant grease that leaves a long-lasting lubricating film. Its white color helps indicate lubricated areas and reduces staining.

Premium lubricant designed to prevent rusting and reduce wear and link breakage, thus extending bar and chain life. The SuperTack™ tacifier formula provides maximum resistance to dropping and throw-off, even at the highest speeds. Its high viscosity index make it an excellent choice for commercial bar and chain applications.

Formulated with high-quality base oil and a premium additive system designed to provide superior performance in air-powered equipment. They are formulated to give maximum protection from component wear in severe service conditions. Provides a highly tenacious film of lubrication on cylinder walls and other critical components. They are formulated to provide excellent lubricity and anti-wear properties that offer maxim um protection to all makes of pneumatic percussion tools-rock drills, jack-hammers, tampers, riveters, shippers and pavement breakers.

High quality hydraulic oil developed as a general purpose rust, corrosion, and oxidation inhibited oil. It can be used for any application not requiring anti-wear or extreme pressure protection. This oil is formulated with premium quality, refined mid-range viscosity index base stocks and select additives to provide wear protection, water separation, and anti-foam properties.