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Multi-Purpose Grease

Low tack, water resistant, bentone base grease for heavy-duty equipment operating in wide temperature ranges.

Low tack, all-purpose, extreme pressure, waterproof grease for hot and wet applications, electric motor bearings and automotive wheel bearings. Aluminum complex.

Extra tack, heavy-duty, waterproof grease that meets Caterpillar’s 5% moly specification. Aluminum complex.

Extra tack, water resistant, versatile grease ideal for hot, wet or heavily loaded applications, especially when temperatures are above 350ºF. Bentone base.

Extreme heavy-duty, multi-purpose, aluminum complex base grease designed to withstand the demands of extreme and intense working environments.

Extra tack, synthetic blend, red color, waterproof grease for use where a clean grease is needed. Aluminum complex.

Low tack, waterproof grease with synthetic blend base oils that enable the use of one grease for summer and fall. Aluminum complex.

Extra tack, water resistant grease for industrial bearings and machinery operating under heavy load and high temperatures. Bentone base.

Food Grade Grease

Our most waterproof food grade grease. Aluminum complex based with adhesive and cohesive additives.

Full synthetic, bentone-based grease ideal for high temperatures. Available in tacky or non-tacky.

Specialty Grease

Hi-Temp Cotton Picker Grease is a non-melt base grease used on cotton pickers operating in wide temperature ranges.

Extreme pressure grease to provide the severe lubrication requirements of plain and rolling-element bearings in long service applications. Polyurea.

Aluminum complex. Extra tack, waterproof, red grease for use where a clean grease is needed.

Extreme temperature and pressure grease formulated exclusively for hydraulic hammer, breaker and chisel applications.

Grease must reach 600 °F or higher consistently before it will lubricant effectively. Silica gel thickener.